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Spy Bluetooth Magnatic Earpiece Neckloop Set

An Induction Amplified Neckloop that easily addresses the needs of max loud output voice from wireless earpieces. This induction amplified neckloop works on mobile, corded and cordless phones that have a 2.5mm or 3.5mm headset jack. Handsfree is separated to neckloop, you can easy change from 2.5mm jack handsfree to 3.5mm jack handsfree. No need to have two neckloops for the phone and audio.

What are Spy Bluetooth Magnatic Earpiece Neckloop?

This Amplified Neckloop will augment your invisible earpiece and make all calls much easier to hear. The neckloop coil goes around your neck and couples via an induction signal to your wireless invisible earpiece. The handsfree contains the microphone for talking back.

Includes :

1 x Amplified Neckloop
1 x D3xH1.5mm Magnet Earpiece
1 x D5xH5mm Magnetic Earpiece
1 x Handsfree with 2.5mm Jack or 3.5mm Jack or both
Exclude 9V heavy duty batteries

Product Specification :

Color White
Brand MicroEars
Transmit Range to mobile phone or MP3 by wire
to electronical earpiece 40cm
to magnetic earpiece 15cm Product Dimension
Weight Loop length 640mm
Handsfree length 1160mm
Microphone on handsfree Package Size
Weight 156x117x12mm 0.45kg Warranty 1 Year

Product Code: BE1013

Spy Bluetooth Magnatic Earpiece Neckloop Set
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Action India Home Products is introducing you to the spy Bluetooth magnetic earpiece neck loop. It is a very useful device for the spies, detectives, students who want to hear voices from other places through their wireless earpieces. It easily works with mobile phones, corded and cordless phones which have 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm jack points. The neck loop will work with the wireless earpiece in your ear and it will help to hear voices from far off places. Its hands free system will enable you to respond back to the other caller. Our E – Commerce site will enable you to shop online for our Bluetooth earpiece products. We will offer you cheapest prices in Delhi, India. You can also buy it from our spy shop in Delhi where you will be able to find various other products. We also provide cash on delivery options with free shipping.

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