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Spy Bluetooth Neckloop Earpiece Set

Wireless bluetooth neck loop offers affordable simple solution for invisible earpiece users. An wireless inductive bluetooth neck loop enables clear communication over a cell phone. This wireless neck loop is an induction handsfree device that transforms the signal from the cell phone into an inductive signal that is wirelessly sent to the invisible earpiece.
The wireless bluetooth neck loop was designed for discreet use to make it difficult to find out. It is a light and stylish accessory that can be worn under or over clothing. With the microphone integrated into the module, your cell phone conversations are hands free.

Features Of Bluetooth Neckloop

Easy Operation, One-Touch Answering
Wireless Connection To Earpiece Or Hearing Aid
Hands-Free Cell Phone Communication
Small, Lightweight And Comfortable To Wear For Long Periods Of Time
Voice Dialing Available (Need Cellphone Provider Support)
Battery Life 8 Hours Talking Time Or Standby 150 Hours
Build-In Rechargeable Battery
Cool Blue Light Indicator

Specifications Of Bluetooth Neckloop

Bluetooth Handsfree Is Motorola H500 Earset (H350 Is Old Model) 
Transmission Range: To Earpiece < 15cm, To Cellphone <10 Meter 
Bluetooth Size: 2.7x5.9x1.9cm 
Neckloop: D0.3 X L84cm 
Bluetooth & Neckloop Color: Black 
Integrated Microphone: Yes 
Bluetooth Passward Is "0000" 
Compatibility: Bluetooth 2.0, Bluetooth®-Equipped Phone 
Battery Life: Talking Time 8 Hours, Standby 150hours

Product Code: BE1018

Spy Bluetooth Neckloop Earpiece Set
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While spying around, we often come across places where the network of our mobile phones never reach, these places are usually protected by mobile jammers which cuts down every phone’s network coverage and no one is able to send or receive any calls but Action India Home Products is giving you a spy Bluetooth neck loop which also works in mobile jammer area and makes it one of the most important gadgets of spies and special agents. It comes with a two way radio adapter which connects with the neck loop and a set of wireless ear buds and the adapter is provided with a push to talk button which enables you to communicate in mobile jammed areas. Spy Bluetooth neck loop is Delhi is available from now on. Shop online in our E – Commerce site where you will get cash on delivery options with free shipping and will get cheapest prices in Delhi, India. We also have our spy shop in Delhi, India where you will find many other spy Bluetooth devices which can be used at different times for different purposes.

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